Monday, 14 March 2011

Cheltenham Gold Cup Winners

Year Winner Age Jockey Trainer Owner

1924 Red Splash 5 Dick Rees Fred Withington Humphrey Wyndham
1925 Ballinode 9 Ted Leader Frank Morgan Christopher Bentley
1926 Koko 8 Tim Hamey Alfred Bickley Frank Barbour
1927 Thrown In 11 Mr Hugh Grosvenor Owen Anthony Lord Henry Stalbridge
1928 Patron Saint 5 Dick Rees Stanley Harrison F. W. Keen
1929 Easter Hero 9 Dick Rees Jack Anthony John Hay Whitney
1930 Easter Hero 10 Tommy Cullinan Jack Anthony John Hay Whitney

1931 no race

1932 Golden Miller 5 Ted Leader Basil Briscoe Dorothy Paget
1933 Golden Miller 6 Billy Stott Basil Briscoe Dorothy Paget
1934 Golden Miller 7 Gerry Wilson Basil Briscoe Dorothy Paget
1935 Golden Miller 8 Gerry Wilson Basil Briscoe Dorothy Paget
1936 Golden Miller 9 Evan Williams Owen Anthony Dorothy Paget

1937 no race

1938 Morse Code 9 Danny Morgan Ivor Anthony Dealtry C. Part
1939 Brendan's Cottage 9 George Owen George Beeby Jean Smith-Bingham
1940 Roman Hackle 7 Evan Williams Owen Anthony Dorothy Paget
1941 Poet Prince 9 Roger Burford Ivor Anthony David Sherbrooke
1942 Medoc II 8 Frenchie Nicholson Reg Hobbs 7th Earl of Sefton

1943 no race
1944 no race

1945 Red Rower 11 Davy Jones Lord Stalbridge Lord Henry Stalbridge
1946 Prince Regent 11 Tim Hyde Tom Dreaper Jimmy Rank
1947 Fortina 6 Mr Richard Black Hector Christie 3rd Baron Grimthorpe
1948 Cottage Rake 9 Aubrey Brabazon Vincent O'Brien Frank Vickerman
1949 Cottage Rake 10 Aubrey Brabazon Vincent O'Brien Frank Vickerman
1950 Cottage Rake 11 Aubrey Brabazon Vincent O'Brien Frank Vickerman
1951 Silver Fame 12 Martin Molony George Beeby 1st Baron Bicester
1952 Mont Tremblant 6 Dave Dick Fulke Walwyn Dorothy Paget
1953 Knock Hard 9 Tim Molony Vincent O'Brien Moya Keogh
1954 Four Ten 8 Tommy Cusack John Roberts Alan Strange
1955 Gay Donald 9 Tony Grantham Jim Ford Philip Burt
1956 Limber Hill 9 Jimmy Power Bill Dutton James Davey
1957 Linwell 9 Michael Scudamore Charlie Mallon David Brown
1958 Kerstin 8 Stan Hayhurst Verly Bewicke George H. Moore
1959 Roddy Owen 10 Bobby Beasley Danny Morgan 12th Earl of Fingall
1960 Pas Seul 7 Bill Rees Bob Turnell John Rogerson
1961 Saffron Tartan 10 Fred Winter Don Butchers Guy Westmacott
1962 Mandarin 11 Fred Winter Fulke Walwyn Peggy Hennessy
1963 Mill House 6 Willie Robinson Fulke Walwyn Bill Gollings
1964 Arkle 7 Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper Duchess of Westminster
1965 Arkle 8 Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper Duchess of Westminster
1966 Arkle 9 Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper Duchess of Westminster
1967 Woodland Venture 7 Terry Biddlecombe Fred Rimell Harry Collins
1968 Fort Leney 10 Pat Taaffe Tom Dreaper John Thomson
1969 What a Myth 12 Paul Kelleway Ryan Price Lady Lucy Weir
1970 L'Escargot 7 Tommy Carberry Dan Moore Raymond R. Guest
1971 L'Escargot 8 Tommy Carberry Dan Moore Raymond R. Guest
1972 Glencaraig Lady 8 Frank Berry Francis Flood Patrick Doyle
1973 The Dikler 10 Ron Barry Fulke Walwyn Peggy August
1974 Captain Christy 7 Bobby Beasley Pat Taaffe Jane Samuel
1975 Ten Up 8 Tommy Carberry Jim Dreaper Duchess of Westminster
1976 Royal Frolic 7 John Burke Fred Rimell Sir Edward Hanmer
1977 Davy Lad 7 Dessie Hughes Mick O'Toole Anne-Marie McGowan
1978 Midnight Court 7 John Francome Fred Winter Olive Jackson
1979 Alverton 9 Jonjo O'Neill Peter Easterby Snailwell Stud Co.
1980 Master Smudge [3] 8 Richard Hoare Arthur Barrow Arthur Barrow
1981 Little Owl 7 Mr Jim Wilson Peter Easterby Robin & Jim Wilson
1982 Silver Buck 10 Robert Earnshaw Michael Dickinson Christine Feather
1983 Bregawn 9 Graham Bradley Michael Dickinson James Kennelly
1984 Burrough Hill Lad 8 Phil Tuck Jenny Pitman Stan Riley
1985 Forgive 'n Forget 8 Mark Dwyer Jimmy FitzGerald Tim Kilroe & Sons Ltd
1986 Dawn Run 8 Jonjo O'Neill Paddy Mullins Charmian Hill
1987 The Thinker 9 Ridley Lamb Arthur Stephenson Tom McDonagh
1988 Charter Party 10 Richard Dunwoody David Nicholson Smith / Mould
1989 Desert Orchid 10 Simon Sherwood David Elsworth Richard Burridge
1990 Norton's Coin 9 Graham McCourt Sirrel Griffiths Sirrel Griffiths
1991 Garrison Savannah 8 Mark Pitman Jenny Pitman Autofour Engineering
1992 Cool Ground 10 Adrian Maguire Toby Balding Whitcombe Manor Racing
1993 Jodami 8 Mark Dwyer Peter Beaumont John Yeadon
1994 The Fellow 9 Adam Kondrat François Doumen Marquesa de Moratalla
1995 Master Oats 9 Norman Williamson Kim Bailey Paul Matthews
1996 Imperial Call 7 Conor O'Dwyer Fergie Sutherland Lisselan Farms Ltd
1997 Mr Mulligan 9 Tony McCoy Noel Chance M. & G. Worcester
1998 Cool Dawn 10 Andrew Thornton Robert Alner Dido Harding
1999 See More Business 9 Mick Fitzgerald Paul Nicholls Barber / Keighley
2000 Looks Like Trouble 8 Richard Johnson Noel Chance Tim Collins

2001 no race

2002 Best Mate 7 Jim Culloty Henrietta Knight Jim Lewis
2003 Best Mate 8 Jim Culloty Henrietta Knight Jim Lewis
2004 Best Mate 9 Jim Culloty Henrietta Knight Jim Lewis
2005 Kicking King 7 Barry Geraghty Tom Taaffe Conor Clarkson
2006 War Of Attrition 7 Conor O'Dwyer Mouse Morris Gigginstown House Stud
2007 Kauto Star 7 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Clive D. Smith
2008 Denman 8 Sam Thomas Paul Nicholls Barber / Findlay
2009 Kauto Star 9 Ruby Walsh Paul Nicholls Clive D. Smith
2010 Imperial Commander 9 Paddy Brennan Nigel Twiston-Davies Our Friends in the North
2011 Long Run 6 Sam Waley-Cohen Nicky Henderson Robert Waley-Cohen
2012 Synchronised 9 Tony McCoy Jonjo O'Neill J. P. McManus
2013 Bobs Worth 8 Barry Geraghty Nicky Henderson The Not Afraid Partnership
2014 Lord Windermere 8 Davy Russell Jim Culloty Dr. Ronan Lambe


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