Thursday, 28 April 2011

MasterChef (UK) - Winners

Masterchef (original series)
1990: Joan Bunting
1991: Sue Lawrence
1992: Vanessa Binns
1993: Derek Johns
1994: Gerry Goldwyre
1995: Marion Macfarlane
1996: Neil Haidar
1997: Julie Friend
1999: Lloyd Burgess
2000: Marjorie Lang
2001: Rosa Baden-Powell

MasterChef (Goes Large)
2005: Thomasina Miers
2006: Peter Bayless
2007: Steven Wallis

MasterChef (renamed series)
2008: James Nathan
2009: Mat Follas
2010: Dhruv Baker
2011: Tim Anderson
2012: Shelina Permalloo
2013: Natalie Coleman
2014: Ping Coombes

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  1. I note that not one Masterchef winner is a Indian male, (Dhruv Baker is only partially Indian and of mixed ancestry), In a few episodes they have said to Indian males that they can only cook Indian dishes, yet when the female of the race is a one trick pony that does not matter. It does seem surprising given that so many dishes are Indian and Indian food is the national dish of England.